The Typo 3 Biblical Use Request

By Deane Barker on January 7, 2005 Kasper’s Korner: Here’s an interesting license for Typo3, a content management system.

[…] I will express my wish here that Typo3 is not used to spread material that is against the word of the Bible and the human rights. For instance don’t use TYPO3 for NewAge publications, anti-christian messages, sexually explicit material, extreme political propaganda and so on. You’ll be the judge yourself, but please respect this wish!

He’s upfront about the fact that he can’t enforce this, so this is really just his wish, more than anything. Still, interesting to see.

There’s some precindent here: Back in 2001, Apple requested that the Church of Satan (no link or Mom’ll kill me…) remove a “Think Different” graphic from their pages. They pulled the graphic, though there was no official ruling on whether or not Apple could enforce the request.

Typo3 bit via MetaFilter.

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