Plasma Burn-in Oops

By Deane Barker on January 6, 2005

WHO image rattles plasma TV owner: Not what you want out of an expensive TV.

[Bryant] Ayala of Bondurant [Iowa] said he noticed Monday night that the blue frame used by WHO-TV to warn viewers about winter weather closings appeared to have been burned into his recently purchased plasma screen.

A Web site called said that images can be burned into plasma TV screens, particularly when the image is displayed for more than a few minutes at a time. The problem is more common during the first 200 hours of use, according to the site.

Remember that this is why screensavers moved around originally — because of the mythical “burn in.” Supposedly this problem was resolved for CRTs a long time ago, but I guess plasmas are still in their infancy.



  1. I ran across this when we were asked to make a “screensaver” for a company to show on the monitor in their lobby. Since burn-in is not really a problem anymore, we did not really worry about the randomness of the images. Then they complained about burn in from the screensaver. On their really expensive Plasma monitor/TV! (They also used it on their computer monitors and they were fine.) I looked it up and this really is a problem.

    My question is: what are TV manufacturers thinking? There are many channelslike CNN with static bars containing scrollers. Of course these are going to burn in.

    What benefit of plasma overirdes this ridiculous drawback?

  2. I noticed that the Samsung plasma display/tvs we recently bought at work have a feature that moves the display 4 pixels in each direction a some interval. That probably works great if you don’t have a static image that’s bigger than 4 pixels ;-)

  3. I’d correct that to be CRT burn-in isn’t as much of a problem as it used to be – a couple of years ago I noted at the place I was working that one of the remedy stations we used had suffered burn-in; the main remedy form had burned into the phosphors.

  4. Plasma burn in has always been a problem. One thing that helps is turning down the contrast. If you have the contrast turned up, it will burn in in a few minutes, if the contrast is turned down the it will take longer… yet it will still happen. The solution?? Well I bought a DLP projector as a TV for my living room and it was cheaper. And I don’t need to worry about watching CNN or playing Xbox.

  5. Hi ; I am about to buy a Sony KP51WS520 . I was asking around about burn in and I am getting confusing answers .One expert says to keep the contrast down . They also say to turn the black bars grey . Does this mean that I am going to have to play with the contrast whenever I watch a show? Another expert says I should open up the vertical image and the horozontal image so that the whole face of the crt is lit up and leave it lit for 2 days .I don’t understand what is even meant by open up the horozontal and vertical image .Is there a dile on the remote.What shoud I do ?Thank you Norman Ladner E Mail

  6. I have heard of a gent who displayed bright side bars an a black center for a few hours. But realistically you are stuck.

  7. I am looking into getting a new tv and have found the burn-in issue very confusing. You would think it would be easer to get good info considering the fact so many people have them.

  8. Have a Sumsung 42″ Plamsa and play lots of Xbox 360 and watch movies. Burn in is a reality and if you aren’t prepared to be EXTREMELY vigilant about preventing it, you will suffer.

    It really is torturous as the picture is THE best you get for gaming (all my friends can’t believe the visuals compared to their DLP’s and LCD’s) but be prepared to constantly be turning the tv off when pausing anything or loading and Contrast must be at 50%.

    Good luck!

  9. I have a Magnovox at home, and had this same discussion at work with one of our AV vendors. The newer Plasma’s have some options to prevent & clean burnin. If I had know that, I would have looked for it. One gives an entire white screen with NOTHING else on it. The recommendation is to leave that running for a few hours every night. I have been told it may take 2 weeks straight to clean the old burnin off, and it os not 100%. The pixel shift options will help some, but steady logo’s (like the bright menus) will still be tough on these screens.

  10. I just bought a 50 inch toshiba plasma and i have used it for about 50 hours. I noticed it appeared to have faint signs of burn ins. I did some reading and found out the contrast was set to the highest and the side bars were black. Luckily there was no permanent damage and I changed the settings before It could burn in. The image quality is great and the HD is even better. I dont think the burn in is a major cause of concern. Just a little caution would prevent it. Gamers have to be careful with still video game images.

  11. Hi guys, I recently bought a Pioneer Plasma TV in January and after playing Guitar Hero II on the xbox360, I suddenly noticed some ‘burn’ where the score meter had been on the game. I was told leaving the tv on overnight on a channel with no transmission (white noise) would remedy the problem. This has reduced the screen burn slightly but I can still see it, especially when a light image is on the area of burn. Does anyone have any other ideas on getting rid of the burn or am I stuck with it?

  12. hey jamie if ya tv has ‘pixel shift’ or any other fancy things lyk tht use em and theyll b gone

  13. I have been watching fox8 on my tv for an hour and the logo seems to have burnt in what can I do to fix this & prevent from happening in the future??

  14. It looks like an explosion came from underneath. The mounting hole near the socket had sparks coming out from it. Besides, on the CPU-Z screen there wasn’t an close window “x” or anything else on the top right corner.

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