By Deane Barker on January 6, 2005

Navicat – the World’s Best MySQL GUI: I worked with a lot of MySQL clients, but this is — by far — the best I’ve seen. Gorgeous interface, and support for all the cool upcoming features of MySQL 5.

It’s $95, but if you work with MySQL a lot, this would be invalulable. Put it together with a copy of PHPRunner and you’d really have something. Versions for Windows, Linux, and OS X.



  1. Navicat? Really? I downloaded the trial based on your post, but man, I didn’t find it very good at all. I use EMS’s Mysql Manager ( and I just don’t see Navicat’s power. I’m not knocking your opinion, just don’t see what navicat offers that phpMyadmin doesn’t offer.

    Also your link to PHPrunner is busted, Its now

    PHPrunner seems cool for some, PHPLens is also a great alternative, but uber expensive and has a recurring cost model.


  2. I haven’t used the other ports, but “Navicat” for MacOS X works well. Sure I haven’t pushed it the limits, but for what I want it works well. Also has versions for Windows and Linux. I took a look at “EMS’s Mysql Manager “, but there is no Mac version.

    Another tool I came across was “Aqua Data Studio”, written completely in Java. Its not as nice as Navicat, IMO, but it should work anywhere that Java does.

  3. Hey guys , Mutant is absolutely rite. i really go with his words sqlyog is really awesome tool where i found my best and reaping best out it. why pay unnecessary to navicat?? just go for sqlyog :)

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