Apple a Monopoly?

By on January 6, 2005

Apparently Apple isn’t just taking people to court, they’re also being sued by an unhappy iTMS customer. It seems Thomas Slattery is being “forced” to buy an iPod if he wants to use the songs he purchased from the iTunes Music Store. Last I checked you could listen to any song from the iTMS either on your PC or burn it to a CD. Truth be told, he could burn it to a CD and then rip it back and listen to it on whatever MP3 player he wanted.

“Apple has unlawfully bundled, tied, and/or leveraged its monopoly in the market for the sale of legal online digital music recordings to thwart competition in the separate market for portable hard drive digital music players, and vice-versa,” the suit charged.

To follow this logic is like saying I could sue Microsoft because they don’t publish their entire software catalog for Linux or OS X. I’m being “forced” to buy a PC with Windows on it. Should I be able to sue simply because I can’t run Access on my Mac? Hmmm… We’ll see how Mr. Slattery fares at his attempt before I send lawyers to Redmond.

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  1. I don’t think that s a fair comparison. If Microsoft forced you to buy all your software from Microsoft, then that would be a monopoly

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