An End to Metatags

By Deane Barker on October 24, 2002

This is an article by Andrew Goodman about how the “description” and “keyword” metatags have outlived their usefulness. It’s a familiar story, he claims — the American marketing machine destroyed a good idea. Marketers began spamming these metatags until they no longer had any meaning. So, Goodman writes:

“If somebody would just declare the end of the metatag era, full stop, it would make it easier on everyone. But think for a second. Someone pretty important actually did. Google. Google, for one, has decided emphatically that metatags are too easily manipulated to be of any value in determining a page’s importance or relevance.”

Actually, I didn’t know this about Google, but, sure enough, from TopWebSite:

“Google doesn’t read Keyword or Description Meta tags and assigns it’s own description to each site by extracting relevant parts of the page to display in the Google results.”

I’ve written about this meta before. I never got around to putting the tags on this site, and now perhaps I won’t.