By Deane Barker on January 5, 2005

SpellBound – Spellchecker for Firefox and the Mozilla Suite: All those comments this morning about my spelling made me self-conscious. This works beautifully.

SpellBound is a port of the spellchecker code and user interface from the Mozilla Suite’s Composer that enables spell checking in web forms such as html textarea / input elements (html input password elements are not checked by SpellBound) and rich text form elements.



  1. I was just wishing I had the time to hook something like this up after I misspelled a word in a form submission to my senator this morning.

    I should just sleep later and read Gadgetopia more … then everything would be good in the world.

  2. I’ve been using that extension for about a month now, and its been great. Not quite as good as Safari’s built -in, on the fly, spell checking, because I forget sometimes to right-click and use spellbound…but very nice none the less for my windows machines.

  3. “Safari’s built -in, on the fly, spell checking”?! Dang! How long have I been using Safari & didn’t know that was there? Thanks, Mike!

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