Y2K Effects

By Deane Barker on January 4, 2005

The Surprising Legacy of Y2K: It turns out there were some very surprising secondary effects of the Y2K panic. I will admit to having never considered any of these — in my mind, Y2K was a huge hole into which companies poured money to no benefit other than the acute problem avoidance.

[…] it was probably responsible for the rise of the Indian offshore IT boom. It also resulted in big productivity gains as decades of cruft were removed from datacenters during the fixes. For example, when the NY Stock Exchange was able to reassmble its systems six days after 9/11, it was because of the Y2K-related work they’d done.

This is a link to a link, but the OSNews blurb summarizes the more in-depth piece nicely.



  1. Those are some interesting side effects. I also admit I haven’t thought much about those effects. It also help with the service company boom as well since most specialized in the y2k scare. Probably helped with elections as well :)

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