By Deane Barker on January 3, 2005

Road to Expo: iWork ‘05, Jam Pack 4 arriving: Think Secret — who predicted a monitor-less iMac last week — is now talking about Apple’s planned Office-killer: iWork.

Chatter surrounding iWork — then called iWorks, as it was speculated to be the successor to AppleWorks — first emerged almost two years ago. Since then, iWork has become a perennial rumor favorite, as AppleWorks 6 continues to show its age and lack of refinement associated with Apple’s applications today. Steve Jobs introduced AppleWorks 6 during Macworld Expo San Francisco in 2000, making the application a dinosaur in software years by today’s standards.



  1. Apple should’ve abandoned AppleWorks years ago. Hopefully this rumor is true, and the documents will be able to be swapped with Office users seamlessly. Do you suppose its an Apple port of OpenOffice?

    Apple’s suite also needs an Entourage-killer e-mail client; wouldn’t take much to beat Apple’s Mail and Address Book combination.

  2. What I’d really like to see is an exchange client that actually works in OS X. Entourage is about 75% of the way there, but I still have people using the Outlook client in Classic. Not good.

  3. Add this to the speculation: IGG Software – http://www.iggsoftware.com/ibiz/ – recently (within the last week) renamed their time keeping software from iWork to iBiz. Google cache shows all the old content from just a week ago. The only difference being the logo for the app. Interesting.

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