NT 4.0 Support Ends Monday

By Deane Barker on July 1, 2003

Are you still running Windows NT 4.0 somewhere in your company? Note that it officially dies on Monday — Microsoft will cease support for the operating system at midnight.

Yes, I still have a trusty (?) NT 4.0 box sitting under my desk. Adding anything new is painful, but it’s awfully stable so long as it’s left alone.



  1. The fact that they’re not issuing patches anymore hit home today — I have no way to innoculate my server against this new worm. WindowsUpdate won’t respond for an NT machine anymore.

  2. Oh Good. One more reason to retire an aged Compaq Alpha box running NT for a RIP we use, and upgrade it to something a bit faster.

    Actually, aside from that machine’s speed, NT4 has been rock solid for the 6 or so years it’s been running on it.

  3. There’s a patch out there for Windows NT. I downloaded the handy network scanner, and my server was unpatched, and now it’s patched, so it evidently does something.

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