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By on December 30, 2004

Now I’m not much of a drinker, but I do imbibe from time to time. Last night I got a wild hair and picked up a six-pack of Guinness Draught Bottles, (when I drink beer, I like to taste beer) and cracked one open when I got home. I didn’t bother reading the label or anything… a good beer is a good beer, right? Pop the top and enjoy. The part of the label I did read was that you don’t need a glass to get the full experience with this stuff, so bottoms up!

But when I got to the bottom of the bottle, I found something more than beer in there.

“What the ????”

A little plastic thingy that looked to be part of the filling equipment was rattling around inside. By this time I’m looking pretty closely at the label for a phone number to call and complain. (I’m not big on product liability lawsuits, but I’ve got to admit, the thought of a fat settlement check did cross my mind.) The label didn’t really say anything about it, but did have a web address, and there I got the straight poop.

Enjoy the authentic taste of GUINNESS anytime, anywhere thanks to another clever little invention, the “rocket widget.”

Once the bottle is opened, the “rocket widget” creates the famous surge and forms the signature creamy head right inside. Every time you take a drink from the bottle the “rocket widget” refreshes the surge so that you get the perfect pint taste with every sip. Ingenious.

Turns out they’ve had this feature in their bottled brew since 2001 (shows how often I get out!) Neat idea. And thinking back, I do remember having a bit more froth whilst sipping than I’d usually experience with a bottle of beer. I’ll have to pay more attention on my next one.



  1. A quote from the Wired article:

    “No, the only way to get a good Guinness is from the tap. When you get a good pint there’s that lovely, creamy taste: You can’t bottle that!”

    I’d agree. And add a little lime to it.

  2. Drinking Guiness out of the can… BLASPHEMY!!! If you enjoy that widget thingy, make sure you try some Boddington’s pub ale, too. My personal favorite, next to Guiness.

  3. Holy… wait a minute. I’m confused. So you had a bottle of Guiness with the widget in it??? I read widget and automatically thought can.

  4. Yes, Mr. Ziegler. A bottle. Bought it at HyVee (am I pathetic or what?) Check the link in the post.

    And for the record, it is a very good brew, even drinking it from the bottle. The widget works.

  5. The “rocket widget” was quite the topic last night (New Year’s Eve)! No matter, I really enjoyed my Guinness! My wife said first chance she got she was going to “Google” to find out about it.

    Happy New Year!

  6. guiness beer or stout or whatever sucks. i tried it last night and i have drank many beers and i do proclaim, guiness is nasty, flat, and smells like shampoo. the by far most disgusting beer i have ever had. drink up those who like it. and you can keep your beer and your little plastic thingy too!!

  7. Guiness bottles are the best thing outside of taps from Dublin especialy in the States we(USA) don’t know how to clean the lines

  8. While browsing World Market in Prescott, Az. I was checking out the strange six packs of beer that they had lined up from all of the world when I came across Dublin’s Guiness so I decided to purchase a six pack. I got home and popped them into my frig and the next day decided to open one up to try. The same exact thingy was left at the bottom of the bottle. No explanation so we wrote the web address on the six pack box and we received the weirdest explanation. I thought now why hasn’t Busch, Coors, Sam Adams and other beer companies thought of the same thing. They tell me because its not necessary for their beers and they don’t want to cheat the general public out of beer that this thingy replaces! So instead of 11 ounces we get 9.5 ounces, hey that is a rip off!

  9. Sorry, guys, but an essential (but not critical) part of the beer drinking experience for me is admiring the beer in the GLASS. I poured the sacred brew into a pilsener glass and watched the “bubbles” go DOWN as only Guiness bubbles do and created a nice sized layer of foam on the top. For the tactile, or visually impaired, however, it is very kind of them to create the feeling and taste of foam while drinking from the bottle or can.

  10. My hubby did the same thing as you, just the other night… & we were at a “4th of July” party with my family. No one knew what it was until he read the label… & I grabbed pair of needle nose pliers & proceeded to pull out the widget… we (all who were now trying to figure out what it was) were all curious as to what it looked like. & has me curious… so, I googled it & got your “site”! Thanks for the post!! :)

  11. My dad bought some for Christmas in honor of my trip to Ireland, even though I told him its really dark beer and he wouldn’t like it- I can’t stomache the smell of it sitting next to someone drinking a pint, so he drank one today while I was asleep with a headache and I woke up and he was rattling the bottle arround and he mentioned that he wondered what it was inside and I told him I thought it was maybe like the marble in a bottle of Ramune (Japanese soda) and I told him to break the bottle open and then he could see it even though most bottles clearly warn “do not attempt to break the bottle in order to get the marble yet I would.

    But anyways my dad said he didn’t like it and I told him my usual “I told ya so.”

  12. The widget is a great idea. It creates a wonderful beer drinking experience. But I did wonder what that thing was doing in my beer because I had no idea what a “widget” was.

  13. Plastic thing in a bottle??? Who knows what kind of health HAZARD the plastic gas is giving off into the stout. SOUNDS KIND OF RISKY IN A “TOXIC” UN-NATURAL WAY !!!


  14. Yeah, its interesting. I came home and my dad was like what the hell is in the guinness bottle? I was like i have no idea what you’re talking about, but I looked up and wow. Thanks for the info. He laughed and said ok….

  15. Last time I checked, the bubbles don’t go DOWN. The bubbles are what create the head at the top of the beer. If the bubbles went DOWN, there would be a large pocket of nitrogen at the bottom of your beer.

  16. I also thought that it was part of the equipment, I was very disgruntled until I found out what it was. I still don’t like the thought of something rattling around in my beer! I’m not a fan of this widget.

  17. I’ve been to Germany and have had true beers and stouts,and Guinness is by far my favorite.It’s very chuggable and doesn’t make you burp.No burping equals more room for more beer.Make bigger cans!

  18. I did google it. thats how i found this page. i do not drink Guinness. However i think the widget is an excellent idea. my husband loves it too and he drinks Guinness. I also have a handful of friends who drink it.

  19. I drank my Guinness last night and was admiring the new label (has a large gold hard below the Guinness logo) then it dawned on me… There was no Rocket! Must be a fluke right?… a mix up at the bottler. But the whole case had no Rockets! Where did the Rocket go?

  20. I drank my Guinness last night and was admiring the new label (has a large gold harp below the Guinness logo) then it dawned on me… There was no Rocket! Must be a fluke right?… a mix up at the bottler. But the whole case had no Rockets! Where did the Rocket go?

  21. Boyd, I just found the same thing. I feel like my guinness actually tastes different. I feel like im living in a Twilight Zone…

  22. Yeah I was mad they stopped includeing the free prize in every bottle. It just wasnt the same for me. So I switched to cans. More of a hassle to have to pour it into a glass, but at least it tastes better. (my LAST can had the widget upside down or something so all the delicious gasses shot out avoiding the liquid when I opened it. I am sad.)

  23. I too am shocked by no rocket in the bottle. It tastes different. Too different. I just don’t know about the new Guinness. It’s not all about the rocket, something isn’t right.

  24. With no widgets anymore (I thought my case might be an error at first) is there any reason to drink it straight out of the bottle anymore? I don’t think so. So the whole “enjoy straight from the bottle” suggestion is a bunch of hooey. I can enjoy my Leinenkugel’s straight from the bottle, too, although I prefer a pint glass.

  25. I’m glad they’re gone… Rocket Widgets were evil! If you want to recycle the bottle, you have to smash it. But it’s held together with plastic… so you really can’t recycle the bottle at all. How nice that that extra-cold draught I drank in half and hour gets to be in landfill for a million years.

  26. glad I found this thread via a Google search. This group has validated my suspicion that Guinness tastes worse without the widget. Thanks for the “in the can” tip

  27. I would have to agree that it just doesn’t taste the same but at least other people agree with me I was a little worried that my time in Afghanistan with no beer ruined me for life since my Guinness isn’t as delicious

  28. The beer must have the rocket widget. Makes the beautiful creamy head and smooth, delicious taste. No other way.

  29. Just bought a case of Guinness, after poring a glass the Guinness looked different. The settle was gone!! What the heck. No rocket rattling in the bottle. What a bummer. Merry Christmas.

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