By Deane Barker on July 1, 2003

Foolishly Tossing My Hat into the Ring on Echo … Here’s What I Want: Scott Johnson over at The Fuzzy Blog has a great idea:

“What I want is a zip code / latitude / longitude / gps coords that can be applied to a single post. Why? Because blogs are a great way to capture off the cuff knowledge, feedback, etc. Long time readers may recall my troubles with the furnace in my current residence at 124 Langley Road in Newton MA. What I’d ***love*** is the ability to (in a standards compliant way) tag my blog post with this data. Then some future poor sod who rented this place could take advantage of my troubles and ask intelligent questions like ‘Fixed the furnace yet you pathetic excuse for a landlord’?. As blogs become less and less about purely digital stuff and more about the real world, this is increasingly useful.”

With moblogging becoming more and more prevalent, being able to tie a blog posting to a geographical location would be slick. Imagine the ability to query Feedster to find out everything that someone has blogged about from this spot on Earth.



  1. Hi there,

    a) Thanks for the support b) You might want to try Feedstering for your own name — Deane Barker or Gadgetopia. I suspect you’ll like the result.


  2. I’ve actually subscribed to an RSS search for “Gadgetopia.” Results were okay, but I’m not A-List yet…perhaps J- or K-list, and climbing. :-)

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