Craigslist vs. the Newspapers

By Deane Barker on December 28, 2004

CraigsList. I wonder how long until the newspapers file a lawsuit for unfair competition?

Free community Web site Craigslist has cost San Francisco Bay Area newspapers up to $65 million in employment advertising revenue, according to a report released Monday.

Craigslist, which generates more than 1 billion page-views each month, also has cost the newspapers millions more in merchandise and real estate advertising, and has damaged other traditional classified advertising businesses, according to a report published by Classified Intelligence.



  1. Isn’t this like saying the rise in automobile use has cost the horse buggy industry billions of dollars? Or that the use of inkjet and laser printers has cost the printing industry $X billion dollars?

    Conventional media can’t hang on to the business that they monopolized in the past, and complaining about how the proliferation of new technology hurts their existing business is kinda silly.

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