Blogs in the Enterprise

By Deane Barker on July 1, 2003

NewsGator Case Study: Triple Point Technology: This is a great case study by the guys over at NewsGator about integrating blogs and RSS into the enterprise.

“Internal weblogs were created using Six Apart’s Movable Type. Internal authors are accustomed to sending email, but now post certain information to their new weblog instead; when they do, a permanent, searchable record exists of the information. ‘It’s a delicate balance between email and weblogs,’ says Allie, ‘but we’re getting better at it.’”

Back when I was in corporate IT, I tried setting up an NNTP (Usenet-ish) server for my project team, but it never took off. Our newsreader was Outlook Express, and that was disconnected enough from Outlook that the newsgroup just withered. I can’t help up think it would have been different with NewsGator.