Browser Saturation

By Deane Barker on December 23, 2004

I’m curious these days about actual browser saturation statistics. Everyone has a different story.

Boing Boing reported this week that almost half of their visitors are coming in on a Mozilla-based browser. is reporting IE has dipped under 90% for the first time in many, many years. WebSideStory says Firefox market share is up 34% in one month (of course, they claim this is from 3% to 4%…).

W3Schools is reporting Mozilla saturation of over 20%, climbing from just 8% a year ago, but this is just their users, which are often Web developers who are more friendly to Firefox than the Average Joe. Browser News samples five sources, which report Firefox usage rates from 5% to 35%. gives Mozilla browsers about 9% in November.

While it seems consistent that Mozilla browsers are definately on the upswing, I’m beginning to think that browser numbers are good for only one site: the site from which the log files were pulled. Everything else is speculation.



  1. IE – pah! Firefox – it’s an also ran.

    Looking at my weblogs I can tell you that there both the above (and all other browsers) are overshadowed (by far) by… wait for it… The Bot!

    That’s right folks, “the Bot” is the dominant “web browser” out there, accounting for 70%+ of my page views.

    So forget the rest, go with the majority and install “the Bot” today!

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