Halo 2 vs. Tribes 2

By Deane Barker on December 21, 2004

I went to visit my brother in Colorado over the weekend, and he had a copy of Halo 2 with an X-Box Live subscription. I didn’t get to play it, but I watched him quite a bit.

X-Box Live is hailed as the big thing that propels Halo 2 into gaming infamy. However, in watching my brother play, I was struck by how much it looked like a similar, older game: Tribes. It was perhaps more graphically advanced than Tribes, but it didn’t look much better than Tribes 2.

Gameplay dynamics seemed pretty much the same. My brother was amazed at the idea of playing people from around the world in a giant game of capture the flag, but I just couldn’t kick the thought that I had seen this all before.

Is there anyone who has played both Halo 2 and Tribes 2 that can comment on how similar they are or which is better? Is Halo 2 that good, or is it just Tribes 2 for the console-playing masses? (The flame doors have just swung open…)



  1. I’ve played both and well… I rather play Tribes 2 anyday over Halo 2… Halo 2 is just so hyped up by the media by m1cro$haft that people are going “ohh must be a great game”… One of my friends is like “nothings better than Halo 2″… WHATEVER

  2. Yeah, I’ve played this, and thought exactly the same thing many times.

    Tribes 2 is a fantastic game, but online I have to say that its not quite up to teh same standard as halo 2, mainly because of the quality of the infrastructure associated with xbox live.

    Everyone has headsets, and uses them, and you get pitched against people who are the same skill level as you, to make for some really tight games.

    Also I think the shield system gives halo 2 the edge on how tactical combat is, as there is actually a point to taking cover. Also the key choices with the weapons as you can only hold 2 add to it.

    But they are really too similar.

    The MC uses the Tribes 2 vehicle sheild system The banshee cant boost and shoot at the same time, and is basically the shrike You get grenades to start with Remember the tribes 2 sheild pack? The Wraith fires in a very similar way to the Beowolf, and hovers and straifs – its basically a slower version.

    Overall tribes 2 is my second favourite online game, only second to halo 2, but was way beyond its time, even compared to halo.

    And besides, which is better, playing on your widescreen telly, in an armchair, or at your computer?

  3. Def tribes 2, who doesnt like pwning nubs with your best friend in the bomber? There is nothing better than being with someone you know and take the bomber for a spin, its my favorite

  4. I think halo 2 is horribly overrated. Like you said, it is just tribes 2 for the console playing masses. Its fun at times, but there is nothing special with halo 2. Just another first person shooter is how I see it. Plus, you have to play it on an xbox, and lets face it, the xbox is not all that powerful of a system. The technology is old. It is nice to sit on the couch and play, but that is pretty much the argument for most console games. I aim a hell of a lot better with a mouse and keyboard setup anyways.

  5. I came up with the same thing when I saw my bro playing Halo 2!!! But you also have to realize that a first person shooter for a console can never be as good or as fast as a computer 1st person, why?

                 Because a controller makes for slower turning and movement, as opposed to a mouse and keyboard which kicks a controllers ass.
              Tribes 2 Kicks halo's ass no prob.
  6. Tribes 2 really does own Halo 2 escpecially gameplay wise. Halo 2 lacks I have played (Yes played not just watched) both and well I turned in my copy of Halo 2 for….store credit. Halo 2 = Hyped up sci-fi type 1st person shooter same with Tribes 2, but whats more fun a carbon copy of yourself or a bunch of juggernaughts/assassians running around rampant. There are highlights of Halo 2 like the physics etc, but nothing that Tribes 2 doesn’t have.

    Tribes 2 = more vehicles, more guns, more types of games, more players PER game (max is 64), Keyboard makes it more fastpased, Jetpack, more vehicles that take team mates to use (bomber, Transport etc). My favorite is big Big BIG maps I HATE those small maps. Crappy single player (unless your just playing with bots which you must mod to use vehicles).

    Halo 2 = Less of all of the above, but better graphics. Alot more online games (lets face it since Vengence etc it has gotten smaller THOUGH there are still games). Better single player though.

    The assassian does own master chief anyday:D

  7. even though i do think halo is overated id still say its better than tribes 2. it may look the same but after playing both halo is over all a much better game. i do prefer how you have more control over customizing your character with armor and how you can carry more weapons at once but still halo is better.

  8. i would say tribes 2 is better even though halo uses some of the things that tribes got. one time my school was hooking up a lan party and everyone brought halo but instead i brought tribes 2. every was making fun of me so i said, “if you really think halo is better play this game!” so then i let one of the person play tribes 2 and set it on easy and guess what? the dumb flying, jumping computer killed him that easy, seriously easy. i was shouting, ” use your jet pack, use your jet pack!” but he just stayed to the ground. tribes 2 or any version would be harder than any halo game. the thing that is in tribes 2 is that you can jump and fly a whole lot than halo which makes it a whole lot harder than halo, in tribes it takes skill to shoot a fast flying object other than in halo trying to shoot someone through a wall cheating. my friend was killed because he played halo and was use to the walking rather than the jet flying. plus playing on the computer makes aiming more percise than a console controller and the graphics, you can always upgrade to make it look better. X box or Ps2 limits the graphics. i would say tribes all the way. twice as hard as halo.

  9. I have to say Tribes 2 is better due to what you can do in the game like defending the objectives as well as attacking them while able to use deployables to help you achieve and what better technology can you have than a command circuit, from there you are able to show teammates what to attak and were. In tribes you are able to use headsets via the game or Teamspeak so theres really no difference, the combat in Tribes 2 is way more tactical than Halo 2 as you have too coordinate with your teammates to achieve a successful run, you can’t just go out and do your thing….you can if your going against noobs lol, but the generators on tribes 2 are vital so taking the enemy’s generator out and defending your own is very important, i believe that if there was a halo vs tribes, the tribes side would be more dominant since the players would be able to survive longer than masterchief as we have repair packs, remote stations etc. basically we can set up a base anywhere that would be difficult for masterchief to infiltrate. bout vehicles, in tribes2 they are much faster and manueverable(shrike mainly) and yes halo did copy the boosters but at least in tribes you are able to still use your blasters but will run out of energy faster that way, transport is very deadly as it can hold up to 5 heavies and an assault. the MPB(mobile point base) is what the name is lol its a vehicle that houses a turret and inventory station. now about comabt and weapons tribes 2 has a good arsenal of weapons particularly the mortar that can cause devastating damage but only equipable to heavies which have the best armor way better than master chief. the chaingun gun is very deadly as it can hold up to 350(heavy + ammo pack) and not reload one time until it runs out and then you can just go to a remote or inventory staion to reload in 3 secs. halo2 cannot compete with the aerial combat that tribes 2 offers as we can also move at speeds of 196kph(thats the fastest ive been thats approx. 122mph and i dont think masterchief is use to that kinda speed. Of course theres is more to be said that i havent mentioned but thats all i have to say.

  10. Not mch beats the feeling of sneaking into an enemy base on Katabatic and satchelling charging the generators, only to then wait and pick off those who try to fix the gens and then hunt you down. Tribes 2 beats Halo without breaking a sweat.

  11. Halo is a great console game, and I finished both 1 and 2, but never got to play online much. I suppose it comes down to opinions. Do you prefer consoles or PCs.

    In my personal opinion, I love them both. Kicking back on the couch, with the widescreen flat panel TV using a controller is great, and not having to worry too much about troubleshooting, like you do on a PC is great.

    But if you want the newest, most cumstomizable, most strategic, technical, fastest, best aim, movement, and challenging online play, in the world, you just have to go with a PC. There’s no question, in my mind.

    I was introduced to Tribes2 first, then went back and played quite a bit of Tribes1, I played a hell of a lot of Tribes2. It was, my favorite online fps ever……….until Planetside, which btw had some of the save devs as Tribes, and feels similar. Planetside owns them both hands down. >;]

  12. er…..just get halo 2 on the computer…..it is possible. And there is loads of glitches and “super jumps” on halo 2……………….u have to play it for a while and you’ll be hooked

  13. Halo 2 has….

    autoaim, shitty netcode, ” balance” as bungie calls it sucks, its no where near the first.

    Tribes 2 has…..

    Shot leading for skill, all weapons are capable of multiple kills, faster paced gameplay, complex strategey gameplay, larger online servers up to 64 back in 2004. Larger maps, custom content including maps mods color schemes huds that keep track of your total deaths kills hits weapon selection how many steps you’ve taken, fuck it could tell you what you’re favorite color is. vehicles with equal opportunity to kill or be killed. No more spawn killed with a tank like in halo 2. Much better stable net code, DEDICATED SERVERS.

    Halo 2 sucks plain and simple. If you are a halo fan, you’d know that Halo 1 is the only thing that playable. even Halo 3 sucks ass with its weapons that can only kill 2 people before a reload. Hell the new starting weapon the AR can only kill 1 player before you have to reload again.

    also…Halo2freak is infact a faggot for still enjoying halo 2, go bxr your friends asshole faggot

  14. Well, I would say a few things. Tribes 2 is great but, the problem is it doesnt work on windows vista.And most people in the world have vista so not many people can play. Halo 2 is great and it can be played on any xbox and any tv. And I think the next knew thing should be Halo 3 vs. Tribes Vengeance. It would definately be Halo 3.

  15. Most people in the world do NOT have Vista. Most of them are STILL using XP because it’s more stable. MS is pushing Vista on us whether we like it or not. However, there are still Tribes 2 servers are people are still playing. I played a game just 2 nights ago!

  16. tribes 2 is waaaay better than halo 2, todays “gamers” mostly console gamers are obsessed with graphics and american eagle shit. who gives a damn about how it looks it its just another game.

  17. Halo vs. Starsiege Tribes = Starsiege Tribes Halo 2 vs. Tribes 2 = Tribes 2 Halo 3 vs. Tribes Vengeance = Halo 3 Halo 3 vs. Tribes 2 = Tribes 2

    Overall Tribes was one of the first Epic multi-strategy based FPS in the late 90’s to hit the shelves. The creators of halo must’ve played tribes when they where still in diapers cause, halo to me is basicly tribes with no jet packs, and vehicles, plus halo’s too slow. one of my friends was over at my place, watching me play Tribes 2, and out of nowhere says “halos way better.” naturally i told him to try it out for himself, he looked at it, shrugged then said “it’s too fast.” i said give it a shot cmon, this time he says “it looks way too fast. it’s too fast.” then i said to him “is it too fast? or is it just that your too slow?” thus halo compensates the need for the slow trigger happy people.

    ah but alas i do like playing halo with my friends online, with pizza, and a large HD p1080, and spamming out kids with his headsets. (another thing i love about tribes is that you don’t have to hear those annoying poindexter fetus’s talking to eachother. instead you use voice commands that do all the talking for you.)

    oh and i speak for the original tribes community when i say Tribes 3 SUCKS. it may look pretty, and polished, but it doesn’t have the feel as it’s previous predecessors.

    Tribes 1 vs. Tribes 3 = Tribes 1 Tribes 2 vs. Tribes 3 = Tribes 2 Tribes 3 vs. Halo = Halo(all)

    with my ending statement i’d like to say, i would rather be shot by a light/medium/heavy armored assassin over 1000 master chiefs any day.

  18. Hi im a tribes 2 vet, and have played HaLo, IN short, Tribes 2 IS the greatest first person shooter ever created and it takes alot to master it. Not only is it the first and final that had its own email network and coms built into the game, revolutionary maps full of wonder and excitement, it had the best real graphics sim engine ever created. ship, diversity, maps, missions, mods… The greatest and best never to be equaled. Microsoft does wohat it does best, looks for some ones elses vision, rides off its back and makes a killing.

    Love the Halo trailers though, Halo is more an arcade game, Tribes, well you really have to play it

  19. yeah i played both and tribes 2 is much better in weapons vehicles and anything really except graphics.

  20. Hey if you looked at my name you’ll know what I am now I’ve started playing tribes and in terms of REALISM (seriously) Tribes 2 wins on that I was playing the tutorial and (when your in scout armor) and one of the Horde aliens killed me so easily with his chaingun and that was on easy, I was playing hello my stupid shield would stayed up and I’d just need to headshot the dude with a crappy halo 2 pistol and i agree halo is very very slow compared to tribes i’m still trying to get used to the speed.

  21. Actually Halo is a ripoff game of Tribes. Tribes was the first online multiplayer on the market and was only available for the PC. Halo came out a few years later and used the same basic principle as Tribes. Halo of course took off because of its like with microsoft and they had the money to advertise and get peoples attention while Tribes was just a garage game (literally why the producers were called garage games). In my opinion Tribes is the best multiplayer out there, it is way more advanced and takes alot more skill to play Tribes than Halo. People brag about doing a no-scope head shot from across the room, when on Tribes that is nothing, you are considered skilled if you can do a mid-air disk with the spinfuser or mortar.

  22. To anyone who still wants to play Tribes 2: they have a mod that allows you to play online, it’s called TribesNext. Although with Tribes: Ascend coming out free to play and adding some classic maps and weapons, you may want to play that instead.

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