SuprNova Shuts Down

By on December 20, 2004

A few weeks ago I got hooked on the ABC series “Lost”. Of course that happened after the season was well under way, which has led to a secondary addiction to BitTorrent sharing so that I could catch the episodes I’d missed.

Yesterday, SuprNova shut things down — seemingly for good — which shut down access to the site where I had been getting the torrent links for the “Lost” episodes I had missed. That put me into severe withdrawl because there are several episodes I haven’t seen.

Last week The Register published an excellent analysis of how widespread this bittorrent addiction is; torrents account for a full 35% of Internet traffic. But as we all know, success like that can quickly turn sour, as sites like SuprNova face mounting legal pressure to put a stop to illegal file sharing. We’ve talked about the propriety of BitTorrent and TV shows a couple of times already, and to me it seems to me that pulling down a torrent file of a show that I could’ve taped should be ok. But from some of the other torrent listings I’ve seen while looking for the “Lost” episodes there are lots of people on the Naughty List for sharing a lot of content that hadn’t ought to be shared.

I have found other feed listings for “Lost”, so I think there is hope for now. But if torrenting gets shut down for good, what’s a poor junkie like me to do?



  1. If I were running TIVO I’d be working on a bittorrent strategy right now to seperate myself from the other DVR’s. For example if I forgot to TIVO a show or didn’t know I wanted to TIVO it until after the fact (like LOST), why can’t I go back into to my program guide and choose to “record” a missed episode. And by “record” I mean my TIVO machine uses bittorrent to grab it from other TIVO machines that recorded the episode..

    Enormouse opportunity here, or am I missing somehting?

  2. I would agree, BS. The only argument I can think of that the networks could have against something like that is they’d miss out on advertising saturation. But if they supplied the content, they should be able to stick advertisements into it. What the end user does with the ads is up to them, just as it is when the show is recorded on TIVO or VCR.

  3. I am sad to see them go too. If you don’t mind, would you let me know where you are getting your Lost episodes now? Thanks.

    You can email me directly if you want: zxfiles AT yahoo DOT com

  4. I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to get my internet back on because cox communication suspended my account . Someone got on my wireless net and downloaded a movie. I did use torrents fortv shows like the sheild.But they Told me that I have a bit torrent downloader installed on my computer and I would have to uninstall it before they would reconnect. I am in AZ and thats how bad things are getting. Does anyone know if they are still legal here???

  5. Jim, It is not illegal to have bit-torrent software in AZ. That would mean that someone has scanned through your computer. I would ask COX how they happen to know what you have installed on your computer then perhaps seek some legal action on them for invasion of privacy and then make a switch to DSL or something.

  6. Well isn’t lthis nice and peachy. Yeah I am busy alot and I watch enterprise and stuff like that off torrents big deal right?

    But I am also a major anime addict and watch a lot of fansubs and now with a majority of my listing sites now defunct and with possible legal pressure from japan I guess I’d best buy stock in adv films…

    gah and you know what I hate adv films they EVEN MESS UP THE SUBS…

    How lame can you be right this just show that nothing is sacred anymore.

  7. Thank you whoever put up the ladt link. I’ve been trying to think of a New Years resolution for a few days. Who can teach me what I need to know about hacking?

  8. Actually, alex, you’re a lying sack of shit and those are not mirrors. Right click them and click save target as, they’re in HTML Format idiot.

  9. (Actually, alex, you’re a lying sack of shit and those are not mirrors. Right click them and click save target as, they’re in HTML Format idiot.)

    Also, you moron…you have to use “open” for torrents…saving only saves the actual torrent link……

    …….look like an idiot, end up like an idiot………

  10. There was some good information exchange going on here, so I left comments open as long as I could stand it. That time has come to an end.

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