UserLand Referrer Signatures

By Deane Barker on June 30, 2003

I installed Refer from Textism a few weeks ago, and it’s awfully interesting to see where all your visitors are coming from. Something else I find interesting are entries like this:

This is the referrer of someone monitoring the site in Radio Userland. Userland runs locally on port 5335, and when a user clicks a link, this is the referrer that gets passed. I was awfully interested to find that someone from PeopleSoft is monitoring us via Userland.



  1. I installed this on my server after you mentioned this last week. It’s absolutely fascinating to see how Google places my site based upon the search terms people enter. Most of my referrals come from Google rather than direct links from sites.

  2. Hehe. You caught me.

    Although “monitoring” makes it sound like spying – I just found that I ended up following a few different links to your site and liked what I was reading so I added it to the news aggregator which pings once an hour looking for changes :-)

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