By Deane Barker on December 14, 2004

D-Skin protective disc covers: Every library in the country should get a supply of these for their DVD collections, which are, invariably, the most scratched up set of media in existance.

They are clear plastic covers that clip onto your CD/DVDs and protect them from being scratched or smudged. They can be left on at all times and don’t affect playback while protecting your discs. They add hardly any bulk, which means they will work with both slot-loading or tray-loading drives. I tried them on my DVD player and in my car and everything worked without a hitch. The only problem I ran across was when I tried using covered discs in my iBook. Things felt a little too snug with the covers, so I didn’t push them all the way in and risk them getting stuck.



  1. The d-skins will work on any standard sized cd PS2, xbox, pc, music, dvds etc. Great product , I bought some last week off this website http://www.danitergifts.com which seem to have the cheapest prices. I got a 50 pack from them for only $32.99 and only $3.95 s/h everyone else is selling them for over $40. Check them out for the best prices on the skins

  2. dskin didn’t work for me. Instead of “fixing” a scratch, it caused the cd player to read “error” altogether. I took off the dskin and the cd worked but, it was still skipping in the same spot. All and all, wasted of time and money for me.

  3. D-skins aren’t supposed to “fix” a scratch, they PROTECT from scratches. I have had great experience using them. If you are serious about keeping your disks in perfect shape, these are a must.

  4. “”does anyone make anything like this in sizes for mini cds or GAMECUBE discs?”” That was my question too. The guy at Gamestop here in my town, said “”GOOGLE IT”” But i have had no luck.——Thanks!


    we are representative of dskin product in Greece and we have a lot od skin pieces. Unfortunately dskin do not work in Greece. We would like if possible to sell you dskin in very low price. please contact with us.

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  6. I have an Xbox360 and the d-skin made the console recognise one of my games as a dvd. It plays an animation that says “to play this disc, pit it in a xbox360 console.” it only happens on one out of two discs i have.

  7. These things stink i cant get them to work. But they only work on adio cds ad cdrs for me. DONT BUY THIS

  8. What a joke, thought i buy a couple for my games…. NOT! Put it on a PC-CDROM nothing put it on a music cd works fine.. for far for protecting the few things i do buy… :-)

    Nice for music cd’s at least i dont feel so bad tossing them around

  9. I’ve only put these on DVDs but they are working great. You just have to be careful that none of the little latches clip off when you take them out of their DVD case. As long as they are all on snug – it works great. I use them for all my daughters DVDs so when she gets a hold of them, which she inevitably does, she only gets the skin grubby & doesn’t ruin her DVDs.

  10. The irony of these covers is that they don’t even protect the most important part of the disc: THE TOP. The top of the disc is actually where all the data is stored. Don’t believe me?

    Take any wasted CD-R disc you have at home, any coaster that you don’t need, and take a car key to the top of it. Knock yourself out, put an ugly gash in that thing. Now flip the disc over and look at it from the bottom. Notice that lovely line of missing data? The bottom of the disc is just all plastic. The top of the disc is where the actual physical dyes are, and that is where the data is stored. Scratches on the bottom of a disc are no big deal, and can always be rebuffed with toothpaste or a Spin Doctor. But scratches on the top of a disc result in data that’s lost forever. Yum.

  11. Johnston. That is not true you allow problems into the disc from the top but if you only added data from the top then how do I keep burning discs when I have Labels glued to the top of my CD’s and DVD’s. And I have never gotten a disc to work using any of the repair kits or toothpaste on the plastic side.

  12. I just found these and they are great, I use teh on my PS2 and they are fine, the also work on my DVD and stereo, the only down side is that they do not work in slot loading players but I dod not have one so for me they are ideal, grt some now

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