Without RSS, You Are Invisible

By Deane Barker on June 30, 2003

patrickWeb: This looks like a good weblog from a retired big-wig at IBM. I post it because it’s an example of a site that, regrettably, I will likely never see again due to the lack of an RSS feed. I looked in every corner of this site, and was quite sad not to find a feed. I was wrong, see the comments. As I clicked away, I knew I would never see the site again because RSS has become my de facto method of information aggregation. Too bad.



  1. Incidentally, John Patrick sent me a nice email clarifying my problem and explaining where his RSS link was hidden. Nice guy. I explained to him, however, that everyone is going to look in the sidebar or the header only.

  2. In response to my complaining, John Patrick emailed me and told me that he added an XML icon to PatrickWeb. Bravo…now I need to do the same.

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