Apple Dumbing Down Peripherals?

By on December 10, 2004

On my drive to lunch today I flipped the radio over to Rush Limbaugh, just as the Big Loveable Fuzzball was going off on a rant about his brand spanking new 30’ Cinema Display (probably attached to a liquid-cooled dual 2.5GHz G5 no less! I guess that’s one of the perks of being the host of the most popular talk radio show in history.) He was frustrated because with the new display there is no way to start the computer up without reaching down and hitting the power button on the tower — and of course the tower is under his desk, so he’s got to get down on all fours to get to it.

Previous Apple monitors he’d used had a power button on the monitor that would boot the computer up when pressed. Rush complained to his tech geek, who in turn called Apple’s tech support, and was told that the new display was designed that way. From the explanation Rush got, he saw it as the loss of a great feature — the integration of monitor and computer — ruined by Apple dumbing down the new generation of monitors to make them work with PC’s.

Technically, the change in operation is due to the ADC connector being phased out on Apple gear in favor of the more industry standard DVI. The only computer that is officially supported to run the $3300 30 inch Cinema Display is the G5, with the $600 NVIDIA Gforce 6800 Ultra DLL, so I doubt Apple is expecting to sell many to PC users (you PC guys can just drool in green-eyed jealousy!)

I doubt that knowledge would keep Rush from complaining, and he really didn’t bring it up to complain. He ended his rant by asking for some enterprising individual in his audience (of millions) to come up with a hack of some sort to bring back that old functionality.

I have just the trick for him: All he needs to do is either 1) put the machine into sleep mode instead of shutting it down; then it would wake up when he hit the keyboard. Or 2) with Fast User Switching activated, he could log out instead of shutting down. The monitor would sleep after a predetermined length of time, and he’d only need to log back in, ready to roll without having to wait for the thing to boot up.

Now the only thing for me to do is sit back and wait for El Rushbo to read my brilliant suggestions and put them to use. This ought to at least be worth a free subscription to Rush 24/7, don’t you think?



  1. If my 24/7 subscription was active I would submit it for you. Why don’t you try anyway on the private email (i think that’s it, should be right I must have heard it a billions times!).

    Being a Windows/PC user I can say I still hope for the day Microsoft purchases Apple completely, gaines their design team, and puts them to actual use. Apple has the coolest looking PC’s but they are not for me. And my friend is a graphic designer he uses a Mac at work and a PC at home. He likes the PC better especially for Photoshop and Illustrator use.

  2. Yes, Rush doesn’t understand — like many old people, that the computer is meant to stay on except to repair or upgrade hardware.

  3. Eric doesn’t understand, like many young people, that computers use so much lectricity that they should be turned off whenever not in use.

    Though apple’s sleep mode is fairly good on power saving.

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