The World Wide Panorama

By on December 8, 2004

To celebrate the upcoming Winter Solstice, all VR photographers are invited to take part in Sanctuary – A World Wide Panorama.

The World Wide Panorama events are sponsored by the Geography Computing Facility at the University of California Berkeley. This site is hosted by The Geo-Images Project. This is a non-commercial project, done simply to create enthusiasm for VR photography, and provide an outlet for our collective creativity.

I don’t quite get their fixation on the solstice/equinox thing, but WWP VR shots are great for getting a better view of some great sites. Some of the images from previous World Wide Panorama events are worth checking out as well. The Bridges has some great photos of bridges from all over. I even stumbled into an entry from my cousin Pat in Hawaii.



  1. Thanks for the link!

    The ‘fixation’ on these celestial events is really the only way to coordinate anything across cultures and around the world. No matter what calendar you follow or where you are in the world, the equinoxes and the solstices are at the exact same time. This will work only as long as we remain fixed to this planet – but since it’s called the World Wide Panorama chances are good this will continue to work for us.

    Landis Bennett Co-producer World Wide Panorama

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