By Deane Barker on November 30, 2004

Abandonia.com – Home of abandonware DOS games: Great treasure trove of abandonware, specifically DOS games. This game was the first I ever bought for a computer.

Via Metafilter.



  1. What’s this?? No Archon?? Man…I don’t know how many games of that we played on the good ole com64. Good to know they atleast have Altered Beast.

  2. Do you remember all the games we played back in the 80s and early 90s on the C64, Aimga and old PCs ? Well, checkout this website, it has a huuuge archive of all the old Classics. The games can be played on so called emulators, that turn your modern PC into an Amiga, a 386 or a C64 to play the games. I simply love to do this, expecially when you hear the first time the music of a game that you used to play 10 years ago: http://www.download-full-games.com

    Have Fun, Susan

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