By Deane Barker on November 30, 2004

KIMBLE rulez!: I can’t believe we’re 3,000+ posts into this site and we’ve never talked about Kimble.

Although Kimble’s reputation has fallen into disarray of late, he flat blew me away in the late nineties. Kimble was the man. He had the MegaCar and little cartoons with Bill Gates wetting his pants. The sheer volume of pictures here of him doing awesome James Bond-ish stuff told me that there was money to be made on that thar Internet. Kimble was like the Charles Atlas ad on the back cover of a comic book.

Here’s to massive egos and the wide-eyed, impressionable geeks who believed every word of it. Legends may sleep, but they never die. Neither, it seems, will Kimble.

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