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By Deane Barker on November 29, 2004

“22nd Century” Tucson Arizona Estate: There’s quite an estate on the market in Tucson. My buddy Ryan sent me a link to a listing for it on eBay (yeah, right, it’ll sell there…) complete with what looks like a reprint from Unique Homes magazine (though I couldn’t find it on their site).

The tech is pretty nuts:

There are three home theaters — one of which literally jolts you from your seat — when the transducer equipped chairs kick in during action scenes. The theater in this photo is in a soundproof room. […]

The HVAC system for all 25,000 sq. ft. under roof is controlled by a computer system designed by Johnson Controls. There are 22 different zones for heating and cooling and the system maintains the desired temperature within a half-degree of accuracy. […]

The computer controlled lighting system, designed by Walter Spitz, allows for control of the light ambience in every room. LiteTouch technology controls the 1200 lights in the home from a central processing unit.

Lots of pictures. The starting bid is $13.5 million.



  1. ok…you get seven folks to pitch in 2 mill. each – this would be the ultimate party pad.

    probably wouldn’t even see eachother most of the time.

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