Flash for Embedded Video

By Deane Barker on November 23, 2004

CNN.com Specials: These new CNN commercials are hysterical, but that’s not the point (but they are funny as all get out — think of the ESPN SportsCenter commercials, just about CNN…)

They have me wondering about the future of embedded video formats like Real, Quicktime, and Windows Media.

These clips are done in Flash. I’ve never really thought of Flash as a video player, but Amazon’s new movie shorts are done in Flash too. It’s a lot less obstrusive than any of the other embedded formats, and everyone has the plugin.

Are Quicktime and Company done for video embedded in HTML? Or will this format kind of dangle in Slow Adoption Land like FlashPaper and its attempt to usurp PDF?



  1. Glad you like the user experience of video in this form.

    The standalone video architectures have features not available in the Macromedia Flash Player — the whole Digital Rights Management area is a big difference, for instance.

    For FlashPaper, we didn’t succeed at getting out the story of how it complements PDF… most mainstream media used a “FlashPaper vs Acrobat” dramatic story instead, despite the material on the Macromedia website at that time showing when PDF would be a better solution. In Macromedia FlashPaper 2.0 PDF export was added, but this hasn’t really gotten on the mainstream radar either. The prime goal all along has been to make it easy for varied officeworkers to get varied content up on the web — to make it easy to “print” part of a spreadsheet or presentation to a web page — rather than try to out-do Adobe’s own natural strengths.

    Fights often seem to be more dramatic, though…. ;-)


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