I’ll Admit, I Thought The ‘Halo Effect’ Was BS

By on November 22, 2004

When Apple started selling iPods, they had this theory whereby people would like the iPod so much that they’d sell more Macs. Given that iPods work fine with Windows PC’s, I thought that notion was dubious at best, and a scheme to falsely build stockholder confidence at worst. It turns out that those crazy suckers were right.

Munster said he raised his price target because the iPod music player is showing a definite “halo effect” of bringing in first-time Mac buyers. He added that a survey of 200 iPod users in the United States showed that 6 percent of former PC users bought a Mac after buying an iPod. Another 7 percent said they intend to buy a Mac within the next 12 months.



  1. Beware the iPod, gateway drug to so many other Apple products! I guess I’m now a statistic: First came the iPod, sleek, scroll wheel, 15GB. Then came the 12.1″ iBook, followed shortly by an iPod mini (gotta have his ‘n hers, y’know). And our latest addition was a 12″ PowerBook. But we can quit any time we want. Really.

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