Plesk and Siberia

By Deane Barker on November 22, 2004

Software Powers a New Generation: I had The History Channel on in the background last night. The program was a documentary on the current state of Siberia, in northern Russia.

Then I heard “Plesk” out of one ear and I went over and sat down. I was amazed to find out that Plesk — the software that manages thousands of Web servers…incuding this one — is run by a bunch of programmers in Siberia.

Apparently the owner of Plesk lives and runs the company out of Virgina, but the programming is handled by group of Russians in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth.

I did some searching this morning and found the article linked from above.

Plesk, Inc., a successful software firm headquartered in Chantilly, Va., has a staff of more than 60 computer programmers, but most of them don’t live or work in Northern Virginia. They live here, in the biggest city in Siberia, and “commute” to Chantilly on the Internet.

They showed footage of the data center and programming area in Siberia, and it’s quite modern. Add a few $20 lattes and you could be in San Francisco. In the program, the owner of Plesk says that he’s planning to move back to Siberia as the tech boom is really taking off there.

Siberia has always stood for remote desolation. There are a million jokes that will become obsolete if it suddenly joins the rest of the world.



  1. In a way, it makes sense that programming would be big in Siberia; what else do people have to do with their free time during the 9 months of winter, go to the beach?

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