Def Con 4 – Comments Disabled

By on November 17, 2004

Gadgetopia World HQ is at Threat Condition Yellow this morning as a comment spammer is performing a distributed denial of service attack on the site (either that, or a lot of people really like Texas Hold’em).

Thus, attempting to comment this morning will earn you a 500 error in order to help us preserve our bandwidth. Please bear with us.

You can find more details about this in the angry rant I can sense building in Deane, which will likely hit the site later today.



  1. I know this doesn’t really matter (and most people get it wrong anyway) but DEFCON (“Defense Condition”) run the other way, so that DEFCON 1 is the worst it can get and DEFCON 5 is the best. So Gadgetopia is at DEFCON 2, not 4. :)

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