More Abandonware

By on November 14, 2004

It’s hard for good commercial software and shareware to compete with free software, especially when it comes bundled with the OS you’re using. So the folks at Panic Inc. must’ve figured, if you can’t beat ‘em — them being Apple’s iTunes — you might as well join ‘em.

Audion, “the MP3 original” has now been turned out to pasture, free of charge. (For Mac OS X, OS 9, and… what’s this? A Mac-only app? Now, that’s just too bad!) Despite the fact that Audion has been around much longer, has a ton more features, dozens of faces, iTunes has made it impossible for Audion to remain viable as shareware. It’s free now, but unfortunately development won’t be continuing.

Be sure to at least skim through the history of Audion for a great geek story about a great piece of software.



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