I Spit on Your Puny 54″ Television

By Deane Barker on November 12, 2004

LARGE FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD WITH JUMBOTRON: TV not big enough? For a starting bid of $10,000, you can vie for the Jumbotron from the University of Iowa football stadium. (Rob, wipe away the drool…)



  1. I have spent so many great Saturday afternoons with that scoreboard. It’s like losing a friend. They are renovating the entire south endzone seating area and I guess that means an even BIGGER Jumbotron next year. I can’t wait.

    Currently awaiting approval from the finance department (wife).

  2. I too have spent many a great Saturday afternoon under that scoreboard. Yes, we’re losing a friend, but the Kinnick remodel will give us a new friend: usable restrooms. And if you hook that thing up to a Tivo you can finally get a replay on a controversial call. :-)

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