The Trials and Tribulations of Video Game Development

By Deane Barker on June 29, 2003

On being an independent game developer: Here’s a great article about being a video game developer from Brad Wardell of Stardock who has developed quite a few.

“While you want to pick something you already like, make sure’s also reasonably unique. If you’re thinking of doing a first person shooter, stop now. Your first ‘big game’ better be something that stands on its own. If the description of your game goes like ‘It’s sort of like but better…’ stop now. No one cares if you could do a really good pornographic version of ‘The Sims.’”

Another good piece of advice:

“Too many developers work on perfecting every little piece of their game that they never get it done. Perfectionists usually don’t do well at this. When hiring developers, we have to be careful about those with ‘4.0’ grade point averages because the last thing we want is some anal retentive perfectionist who has lost track that we’re trying to make something that we can ship and sell.”