Amazon Films

By Deane Barker on November 9, 2004 Welcome: Amazon is getting into the movie short business, much like BMW Films of yore (which I re-watched the other day — still great). I watched the first film — Portrait — and it’s cute.

This holiday season brings you Amazon Theater, an exclusive collection of five short films. This week’s film, ”Portrait,” is a comedy about a domineering fashionista (Minnie Driver) who learns a lesson about inner beauty — the hard way, of course.

I don’t quite understand the product placement. This is from an article in USA Today.

Clicking the names of actors and directors involved will bring users to their “boutiques” to buy other videos or purchase apparel, home furnishings, cosmetics, electronics and jewelry used in the films.

But clicking on Amanda Detmer’s name in the credits just took me to her IMDb page.