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By Deane Barker on October 19, 2002

Do you think there would ever be a market for home intranet software? There’s so much to keep track of within my own family — people we know, appointments, lists for every such thing, etc. If intranets handle business management, why couldn’t they be adapted to a family?

I have an Apache server running on my machine at home. I’m half-tempted to build a little “family intranet” that would keep track of all our necessary information and that everyone could access. Didn’t Microsoft try to do that with Bob?

“Microsoft Bob simplifies home management by bringing everything together in one place.” (See some great screenshots of Bob.)

There you go — “home management software.” It could be a new genre. But instead of a compiled program like Bob, I’d crank out Web apps that could be plugged into a local Apache server (or remote, if you have more than one PC in the house). Calendar, lists, contacts, etc. It’d be like having a local Exchange Server for the while family.


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  1. so … ? did you? i just googled home intranet because i was asking myself the exact same question.

  2. I jst spent the day setting up a home intranet (I’m out of work and very bored, so I thought I might try learning (very) basic website design), and I’m now thinking “What can I do with this now I have it…?”

    My first idea was to use it to help my internet-literate-but-not-good-at-Windows partner access the media on the server in an easy way, but that is a bit beyond my skills at the moment. I’ve managed to set up a slideshow of pictures, but that’s about it so far.

    I’m also going to put a list of important phone numbers on there, but that’s about it really, so any fun and idiot proof ideas will be welcome!

  3. Just googled the same idea. I have some experience with open source cms systems and web design. One can always customize these to fit the home environment. I can lend some advise and possibly come up with something that we can share. Anyone want to collaborate on this? Email me jacques dot karsten at gmail dot com

  4. Hi, i use “AquaNet” at home. You need publisher to edit it, and has some setup to do, but when it is done, it is excellent!

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