Konfabulator Seeks Refugee Status

By on November 4, 2004

Though he claims it’s not in direct response to Apple’s annexing of his territory, Arlo Rose is set to release a Windows version of Konfabulator shortly.

Rose, who once worked at Apple and now heads up a small company called Pixoria, said the new version will be available Monday.

“We’re all diehard Macintosh developers here, but we recognize that Windows is the dominant platform,” Rose said in a statement. “When you have a great idea, you want more than 2 percent of the global market to have access to it.”

They’ve converted their home page with a funny diary where they’re exploring the Windows herd. Cute, but it removes all useful reference to the product at a time when you’re trying to attract people who’ve never heard of it.



  1. True, and as the CNet article points out, MS is looking into somewhat similar functionality with Longhorn’s “Sidebar”. But, Konfabulator would have the distinction of being the only tool that works on both platforms. Priced and marketed properly, it could gain ground quickly.

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