Spyware Removal Testing

By Deane Barker on November 1, 2004

Review: Testing anti-spyware programs: CNN tests spyware removers. No clear winner — he did the best by running two different progams at the same time.

[…] I tested Webroot Software Inc.’s Spy Sweeper, LavaSoft’s Ad-Aware, Tenebril Inc.’s SpyCatcher, Spybot Search & Destroy and Computer Associates Inc.’s eTrust PestPatrol.

To ensure fairness, I used Symantec Corp.’s Norton Ghost utility to make an exact copy of the infected hard drive before I tested any of the programs. Between each test, I restored the computer to its original sickly state.

It ends with this comment, which is the absolute truth (and should make Dave and Rob happy):

Still, neither Spy Sweeper nor any other software could completely shield me from a really dumb decision. I’ll soon be reinstalling Windows for a third — and hopefully final — time or else tell my brother-in-law to start saving for a Macintosh computer.

(Notice that he has to “save” for a Mac because they’re so expensive. By comparison, I can buy a PC with usually just the change in my pocket at any given time…)



  1. “Gee, you must carry a lot more change in your pocket than I do.” LOL!!!

    Fortunately spyware removers have gotten better over the years but unfortunately the spyware creators have become 100 times more devious. It really seems to be hard for the antispyware companies to keep up.

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