New iPods Finally Announced

By on October 26, 2004

You can stop speculating. Apple has added two new iPods to their line up. The U2 Special Edition and the iPod Photo. The U2 version is black with a red dial and will feature the signatures of the band members engraved on the back. The iPod Photo will support iPhoto albums AND collections in Adobe Photoshop Album. I have to admit these are pretty drool worthy, but I don’t really find the need to view my photos on a two inch screen.

Gotta hand it to Apple though. These may not be the perfect products for everybody, but at least they continue to push the envelope when it comes to features. Every other player in the market is trying to develop the ‘killer’, but instead all we have seen are poor imitations.



  1. One thing that I expected to see on the iPod Photo is the ability to transfer pictures directly from a digital camera to the iPod. Apple’s solution is the $100 Belkin iPod Media Reader. You would think that could be done with a cable and some software.

    One new use that might come out of the iPod Photo is a new way to do presentations, what with it’s included cable set for hooking up to a TV; set up an Album in iPhoto with the transitions you want, drag your iPod to your meeting, hook it up to the projector, and away you go. Right now there might be a little wrangling to be done to get the slides set up the way you’d like, but I’d look for an updated Keynote that exports an iPhoto Album specifically for this sort of thing.

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