By Deane Barker on June 28, 2003

TopStyle Pro HTML Editor, CSS Editor, XHTML Editor for Windows: Nick Bradbury was the creator of the legendary HomeSite — probably the first text editor made specifically for editing HTML. Now he has a new text editor called TopStyle.

I downloaded it and tried it out, and it’s extremely good. Its focus is on CSS editing, and it has far, far too many features to list here — things that I haven’t seen in any other editor. Here are some screenshots and here are a few Flash demos that show the editor in action. At the risk of a cliche, it’s a paradigm shift for text editors, I think.

Sadly, it’s a paradigm shift in price too. Eighty bucks is a lot for a text editor, even if it is this good. But let me play with it a while longer, and I may change my mind.