Takin’ It Straight to the People

By Deane Barker on October 26, 2004

Celebrities let their Web sites do the talking: This has been kind of an interesting trend. The Internet can remove a lot of the layers between star and fan.

Britney Spears confided that she was taking a break after years of being pushed by “advisers.”

Melissa Etheridge spoke candidly about her breast cancer.

Were these weepy interviews with confessional queen Barbara Walters?

No. In both cases the singers talked directly with their fans via the Internet. Spears and Etheridge are among stars who are bypassing traditional media and using their Web sites to break news both personal and professional.

The groundbreakers here were Martha Stewart with MarthaTalks.com and Michael Jackson with MJNews.us.

And Boing Boing had a post today about someone spoofing Ashlee Simpson on her own message boards. The information I saw seemed to imply that Simpson occasionally uses the boards for communicating with her fans.



  1. Celebrities are a joke anyway today. I read a great comment from Donald Trump about email and I believe it pertains to this “posting on websites” announcement as well…he basically states email is for whimps as far as serious communication or stating your mind. It is an easy way for coward to say what they want without facing you straight up. I agree. I hate it when someone emails me important information that I know they were too afraid to just say to my face.

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