Real Men Of Geekdom

By on October 26, 2004

A certain beer company salutes Real Men Of Genius. Well, today, I’m here to salute one of the Real Men Of Geekdom: Mr. Old Mac OSX Installer.

According to the developers, PearPC using generic emulation (the only option on a non-x86) runs “about 500 times slower” than the host CPU. Ouch. That makes for a 0.05MHz G3, at the best. That’s around 4000 times slower than the Athlon boots, and since that takes roughly 2 and a half minutes – I’m looking at at least 6.99 days. One week to boot!

We salute you, Mr. Old Mac OSX Installer, because nothing says pointless like a computer that take five hours to load your email program.

Via SlashDot.