New GTA Title Due Today

By Deane Barker on October 26, 2004

Grand Theft Auto seen breaking games sales record: Lots of big new gaming titles are going to hit the market in the next month, starting with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas today.

At about $50 each, first-week sales of 4.5 million units would equal about $225 million. Should it reach 15 million units, sales of San Andreas would beat U.S. and Canada box office sales of the film Titanic by more than $100 million.

Its debut kicks off a season of blockbusters in the global interactive game publishing market, which at over $30 billion a year, dwarfs the movie business.

San Andreas, exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 2 console, will be followed on Nov. 9 by Halo 2, made by Microsoft for its Xbox. Nintendo, maker of the GameCube, will have Metroid Prime 2.



  1. Another good article on this today:

    “Although there was no blockbuster hit last year, ‘this is the holiday of the megagames,’ says American Technology Research analyst P.J. McNealy.

    With next-generation game systems not expected until 2006, the industry needs blockbuster games to keep business flowing. And with 100 million game consoles worldwide — about 73 million PlayStations, 16 million Xboxes and 14 million GameCubes — waiting for those titles, ‘we now have what we’ve never had in gaming history,’ McNealy says.”

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