Eco-Friendly Buildings

By Deane Barker on October 25, 2004

High-tech buildings use sunlight, sea water to save energy: Interesting article on how computers and technology are making more eco-friendly buildings. If this interests you, see this past post about The Robert Redford Building.

At Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, the lights are controlled by sensors that measure sunlight. They dim immediately when it’s sunny and brighten when a passing cloud blocks the sun.

At a new middle school in Washington, D.C., the air conditioner shuts off when a window is open.

A wall of windows at a University of Pennsylvania engineering building has built-in blinds adjusted by a computer program that tracks the sun’s path.

Buildings are getting smarter — and the next generation of building materials is expected to do even more.



  1. Hello, my comments should not matter because I am just a mere teenager but, you have a great site!

  2. Did you know that in 1993, Spirit Lake Elementry school in Spirit Lake Iowa, was the first school in the U.S.A. to be powered by wind?

  3. i have to do and eco friendly sustainable town for my grooup and i need some ideas on transport… yone have any ideas so does any ideas?? its in kalbarri :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  4. hey guys!!!! i have to do a huge research project on green building and everything so if any of you know anything usefull? luv this site cheers

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  6. I need some really good points for my school Science project. Perhaps some points like how to save energy and water, even electricity. I need to present my project with my group in two days time, and this is going to be graded. So, yes, I’m way nervous because this is going to cover 40 percent of my grades. Help me out here?

  7. hii we are doing a presentation on our school we are from dandeong high schoool :) about how enviromentaly friendly it is your site has helped us alot thank you :) xx

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