On the Prowl for the Last Time

By Deane Barker on October 25, 2004

F-14s Heading to Aircraft Graveyard: After 32 years of service, the F-14 Tomcat is headed for that big carrier deck in the sky.

Cmdr. Aaron Cudnohufsky, squadron commanding officer, said the Tomcat rightfully has become an American legend — and not just because of the film.

I like to compare the F-14 to a Harley-Davidson,” Cudnohufsky said. “There are a lot of airplanes out there. But none have the beauty and grace of the Tomcat. Every time I am in the aircraft, I am in awe. It looks fast just sitting there.”

“The film,” of course, is Top Gun, in which the Tomcat upstaged even Tom Cruise. Still one of my favorite films.

Via MetaFilter.



  1. Keith and I saw an F-14 last year at an airshow in Omaha. The thing that struck me was that you couldn’t hear it until it was about 200 yards away and then it just roared as it passed by. Not as loud as the Harrier that followed it, but impressive none the less.

  2. Another way that F-14’s are like Harley’s: They are both Big! Especially when you compare them to F-16’s or first generation F-18’s.

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