The Perils of Online Advertising

By on October 25, 2004

A while back we discussed geographically targeted ads and their use by the John Thune campaign for Senate. Well it appears that when you’re not dealing directly with the company placing your ads, unfortunate things can happen. It seems Mr. Thune’s ad appearred on a site with pictures of naked men. Mr. Thune is not what you would call a supporter of such things.

So the Daschle campaign was quick to alert reporters when Democrats received an anonymous e-mail pointing out the Students for Thune banner ad on a site titled “Shirtless Just4U,” which featured explicit pictures of men posing naked and in their underwear.

I myself find this quite ironic since Mr. Thune was once included in a ‘hunks of the hill’ calendar when he served as Representative from South Dakota.



  1. Someone swore to me that they saw this on a bumper sticker (likely home-made):

    “A vote for Daschle is a vote for sodomy”


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