Ashlee Simpson Teaches Me a Lesson

By Deane Barker on October 24, 2004

I was watching Saturday Night Live last night, and Ashlee Simpson was the musical guest. I dozed through her first performance, but was awake for the second.

Something went wrong. At the time, I couldn’t quite figure it out, but she sort of starting singing, then stopped, then the band changed songs, then she danced a little, then she wandered off stage. Then there was a sudden commercial. I was confused.

This morning, I wanted to find out what happened, so I Googled around for a while, not really thinking I would find anything. When would a botched musical performance on SNL be considered newsworthy?

On a hunch, I went over to Feedster, and, sure enough, the blogosphere was all atwitter over what really happened: poor Ashlee had gotten caught lip-syncing on live television. Apparently she never started singing at all — the wrong vocal track had been queued up and it didn’t match the song the band started to play. Bloggers already had thousands of words of commentary, and even a video file (AVI link) or two.

This (very funny) problem isn’t really my point. My point is that the blogosphere will cover things that mainstream media won’t. With traditional news outlets, there’s a much bigger tendency to pack journalism — we need to cover what everyone else is covering, so we don’t look like we’re behind.

No such limitation for bloggers. People blog about what they want to, and that’s often things that don’t even hit the radar screen of Big Media. Lesson learned: if Google News doesn’t give you want you want next time, try Feedster.



  1. “My point is that the blogosphere will cover things that mainstream media won’t.”

    Its on Fox News this morning.

  2. I was kind of referring to Web outlets. I guess I wasn’t watching TV news this morning.

    I can’t find reference to the event on the CNN, USAToday, or Fox News site.

  3. “Except Fox News isnt Mainstream media, its just a 24 hour a day GOP advertisement.”

    I can’t believe how sensitive people are these days, I can’t wait for this election year to be over. A comment as simple as “I saw it on Fox news” was enough to get someone’s panties in a bunch. Anyway, politics aside, this particular story was on another channel later in the morning, too.

    I totally agree with what you’re saying though, Deane. Perhaps this wasn’t the best story to use in making your point, unless as you say you’re only considering internet sources.

  4. I’m seeing it all over the place this morning. If this means that mainstream news IS going to cover it (and it seems every outlet is pushing it out this morning), then perhaps what’s notable here is how long it took them to get to it, while bloggers were jabbering about it within minutes of it happening.

  5. Ashlee Simpson and her sister have the equivalent talent of an American Idol auditionee….the result of this “blooper” stems from the fact that this girl cannot sing a note…she can stretch a note, but not sing it. I mean, has anyone seen her show? Who the heck gave her a record deal? Im ashamed to say im from North Texas, as she claims to be from Texas, trust me, no-one here is proud. The Simpson girls are two exploited girls by their preacher father, WHERE DID ALL THE TALENT GO? it’s surely not at MTV!

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