More Info on SBS 2003

By Deane Barker on June 28, 2003

CRN : Daily Archives : Microsoft’s SBS Plans An older article that sheds some more light on Small Business Server 2003.

“The current plan is to get the price to less than the ‘magic’ price point of $999 and include Windows Server 2003, the forthcoming Titanium version of Exchange, SharePoint Team Services and fax-sharing capabilities, sources said.”

Under $999 would be great, but what about the upgrade price for those of us still on 4.5? And if you do upgrade from an earlier version that included SQL Server, do you get to keep running the older version you have?

I’m guessing not, after experiencing SBS’s monolothic installation procedure. The only place my older version of SQL exists is on my SBS 4.5 CDs, and that’s an all-or-nothing install.



  1. Yes, it is monolothic but remember the intended purpose for SBS. This version is intended to help less experienced system administrators. The heavy use of wizards make it easy to configure things like RPC via HTTP or ActiveSync via HTTP even for people with less experience. Try setting up reporting on SBS, you get this done in under 2 minutes. The same on a W2K3 server will take a lot more effort.


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