The Joy Of Pablo

By Deane Barker on October 21, 2004

Pablo Software Solutions: Pablo Vandermeer is a Windows programmer based in The Netherlands. Pablo is a simple guy:

He is interested in music, blonde women and programming.

But the software he builds spot-on. And he gives it away…

He’s programmed fully-functional FTP servers, POP3 servers, Web servers (a small one, but still with ASP support), VB controls, etc. And they’re all free.

His FTP server is his claim to fame. It runs beautifully and has a lot of features and a full reporting utility. It has a very professional feel. It’s not your average open-source interface.

But it’s the little tools I like: How about a little app to turn an entire access database into an XML file? A tool to turn ASP files into VB DLLs? A utility to ping multiple IPs at regular intervals and log the results?

And dear Pablo just can’t seem to give up the past. Do you miss FrontPage Express? He rebuilt it as a lightweight WYSIWYG editor. Do you miss Norton Commander? (Do you even remember Norton Commander?) He rebuilt that too.

Here’s the thing: Pablo’s site just seems…I don’t know…happy. Like he’s Johnny Appleseed with a copy of Visual C++, skipping down a country road, flinging free apps around the countryside…

Maybe it’s just me. Still, Pablo is the latest recipient of the official “Gadgetopia Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Area of Being Friggin’ Awesome.” Display it with pride, Pablo.



  1. I was just noticing some of the beauty of his FTP Server this morning —

    No install. It’s a 553KB exe (there is an installed version that runs as a Windows service, but this just the plain exe). And no registry interaction. All information is stored in a nice XML file in the same directory as the exe. It’s very transparent, very easy to uninstall, if need be.

    I love programs like this.

  2. Ok, ok… What can I say. It’s been a busy morning.

    All Mac software installers more or less work that way. Wonder where Pablo got that concept?

    Happy now? ;o)

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