Segway RMP

By Deane Barker on October 20, 2004

Rise of the Robots: Segway Platform Gives Mechanoids Motion: Here’s an interesting article about how the Segway is allowing robotic researchers to concentrate on parts and systems other than the powertrain.

Segway’s self-balancing robot platform takes up about 2 square feet and comes equipped with software and interface electronics necessary to receive, process and execute commands from an onboard robot payload.

“It was a minor modification to what we had,” Morrell said. “The challenges for us were largely in declining to get too fancy, and keeping it really simple.”

Apparently the Segway folks have released the lower half of a Segway as the RMP — Robotic Mobility Platform. By componentizing and commoditizing that part of it, robotic geeks can push further and faster into other part of the bot.



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