Cool Apps Bloom From Mono

By on October 20, 2004

To show how the Mono project is building steam in the open source community, the O’Reilly folks have hightlighted seven cool apps written for Mono that show what .Net is capable of in the world of free software.

Because of this ease of development, there are many cool open source programs being built on Mono, even though Mono 1.0 has only been released for a short time. This article provides a tour through some of these programs, along with details about how you can start experimenting with them yourself. Not all of the programs featured here are finished products, but they’re all exciting and show off interesting aspects of Mono.

Some of these are really great looking apps. I really like the idea behind TomBoy: A sticky note app that works like a Wiki.



  1. Mono is an open source implementation of the .Net runtime. It also includes a large majority of the Microsoft libraries for .Net, as well as GTK#, a library for writing GTK (GNOME) apps in .Net

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