New Single-Processor G5 Machine from Apple

By on October 19, 2004

Apple Computer introduced today a G5 tower with a single 1.8GHz processor in it, which adds a new lower rung on the G5 lineup. Priced at $1,500, it’s aimed directly at those who need a bit more power and more expansion possibilities than the G5 eMac or G5 iMac, but don’t like the $2,000 entry fee for the dual processor 1.8GHz G5. The new machine has a slower frontside bus than the dual-processor 1.8, but has the same complement of PCI and memory slots.

They’ve also spiffed up the iBook line a bit, adding AirPort Extreme as standard equipment. The 12” iBook starts at $999, and the 14” 1.33GHz models for $1299 (DVD/CD-RW) and $1499 (DVD-R/CD-RW).

Yeah, I know, I know… Let me get you guys started. “They’re still too expensive.” Doesn’t that about sum it up?



  1. Actually, I was gonna say that $999 for an iBook really isn’t that bad. Who would of expected laptops to be the affordable ones?

    If I remember right, low-end PC laptops are bottoming out at about $799 right now, which makes the “Apple premium” pretty easy to swallow here.

  2. I’m waiting for Steve Jobs to call me and tell me I was right when I bemoaned the lack of a single-CPU Powermac several months ago.

    Now my decision is, new IMac or PowerMac? I’m leaning towards the Powermac at the moment, solely for the expandable graphics.

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