More On In-Game Ads

By Deane Barker on October 18, 2004

Real ads pop up in video-game world: Another article on ads in video games. Apparently it’s the Next Big Thing. Here was the first bit we posted.

The fictional landscapes of video games are increasingly being dotted with product placements, pitching everything from athletic shoes to movies. And that’s not all: Advertisers will soon be able to update the ads over the Internet whenever they want, long after the games are sold.



  1. On one hand, this is a good thing because game companies get more revenue to make games, but I don’t pay more. And having real companies on in-game billboards may make the environment more immersive, not less so.

    The down side is that publishers will be less likely to fund titles that don’t readily lend themselves to in-game advertising, like some space and fantasy-themed games where Earth (and therefore Pepsi) don’t exist within the game’s reality. If publishers become addicted to the advertising revenue stream, the range of game choices will become more limited. In five years, all games might amount to ‘drive/ride/walk your car/skateboard/bike/soldier through the billboard-filled urban environment’.

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